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Ampharos by TheDaughterOfLink
Here's a drawings of Amphoras done in my style, or more importantly Mindi's Amphoras

Yeo Mindi-Jameson gets this Pokémon around the time she's 23. His name his Amps and Mindi got him from the Pokemon lab in pallet town, she was doing research on mega evolution along with a few other researchers and Amps was one of the Pokémon they where researching. Amps took a strong liking to Mindi and once they where done doing the research on his mega stone it was decided that Mindi would take him in.
Here's my face XD
embedded_item1474999545128 by TheDaughterOfLink
Ryue's daughter by TheDaughterOfLink
Ryue's daughter
I meant to post this awhile back XD anyway here's Mindi.... I don't have an outfit planned out for her yet
Hazza I probably won't reply to comments for a bit because I need to study for my driving learners permit test thing XD I don't know when I'll be back active like I usually am but don't worry it should be soon <3
kids wil be kids.... by TheDaughterOfLink
kids wil be kids....
Ryue: H- hey!! That's my tail your pulling kid!

Mindi: Daddy <3

Ryue: *sighs* Kids will kids I guess....

Dawww we have the first father daughter pic of these two- and I think we all know I'm a sucker for father daughter jank XD....

Anyway Since Ryue has like no experience with kids he's not always the best father in the world but he gets points for trying right? Oh well in his daughters mind he's the best and she loves him no matter what
(This is not for you to feel pitty on me..... I just really needed a .... So here it is)

It's cold eyes will forever watch over me.
The cruel beast won't leave me be.
I'll keep trying to hide,
But I know this is all in my mind

I'll continue to cry.
I'll keep feeling as I want to die.
Because then I'd be able to rest,
To end the tightness in my chest

It really is some kind of sickness,
And to be honest, it's quite vicious.
It makes sick since this isn't who I want to be,
But trust me, it'll never defeat me.

So that's a little poem I wrote yesterday after I had another small anxiety attack in first block...... I don't know what happened or what actually caused it but it happened and the teacher told me to stop crying and shaking like there was something wrong- but I couldn't help it...... I couldn't breath well nor could I control what happened.

After a few moments I though it stopped but then I went to second block and it happened again..... My teacher sent me to guidance since the lady in there is the only one who I can talk to about thus stuff....

I don't have many friends and when I'm around them I try to act "normal" though its hard since I don't know how to talk to people..... I've been bullied all throughout school for being "strange" and my family could care less about me since to them I'm just a "mistake"...... The only thing that's there for me is my cat- he's the only thing that shows me any kind of affection- the only thing that seems to care about me......

My family doesn't know how bad my anxiety is because if they knew it would add to the list of reasons for them call me a "mistake" and I've had so many anxiety attacks at school which made w everyone know I'm "strange"..... And my friends.... Well its art to act "normal" all the time.....

My only escape form the hell I've been living the entire 15 years of my life is through my art because then I'm Not Mindi Marie Prince the girl that can't talk to other humans and breaks down all the time- no when I draw I'm not what's on the outside.... I become who I am on the inside, the real me, since the person that lies within my thick shell can't come through the thick walls of anxiety and depression...
Ryue Evris by TheDaughterOfLink
Ryue Evris
Ah yes here's another one of my non fandom related OCs and his name is Ryue (Prounced Ry-you) AND HES MY LITTLE DORKY CINNAMON ROLL XD

*cough cough* anyway let's chat about him shall we?

√. So Ryue has a 14 year old daughter that looks almost just like whom's name is Mindi (since I always have 1 OC named Mindi) and he cares deeply for her.

√. Ryue has eight older brothers and two older sisters whom all have kids of their own. Ryue doesn't really fit in with his family since he's a complete and under geeky nerd while everyone else in his family work on the family ranch owned by his grandmother

√. Ryue's wife passed away due to an illness that she got shortly after the birth of their daughter

√. Ryue lives on his family's ranch just like all his brothers and sisters but he didn't always live there. When he was 18 he moved and went to collage, he also met his wife Maria and got married to her. He only moved back home after her death since he didn't really know that much about raising a daughter
Paper child Mindi by TheDaughterOfLink
Paper child Mindi
Seems as if Mindi found my James figure XD

Soooooo I made a paper child XD..... Gosh I was bord lol

Anyways hope you like it through it was just a paper child practice- may do a better one I'm the future
Hey magikarp army, it would mean a ton if you read my fanfic Pokémon: A mission without memory and comment on it ^.^

Also don't hate me for changing my profile picture for the first time in forever XD
To read the chapter 1 click here!


James P.O.V

I smield as I slowly picked Mindi up from the ground, I knew she wouldn't have been able to walk far with her leg being injured. Her tiny body squirmed within my arms as she looked up at me with her bright crimson eyes. "H- hey put me down," she whimpered softy

"You can't walk with your leg being hurt- I'm going to go find my friends and then I'll take you back to our camp where you can rest up." I smield warmly, I happy to help her out even though I didn't know to much about her. Come to think of it I knew very little about the creature I held in my arms and I had a lot of questions, the main question being about what exactly she was?

She stopped squirming and with a small sigh in defeat as she said, "very well James...."

I smiled for a few moments before deciding to try and find out some information about her, "Hey Mindi, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, go right ahead." The little gray and red canine gave a small nod as she spoke.

"What are you exactly....? I- I mean, I just haven't seen anything like you before so that's why I'm asking...." I hope that didn't sound rude or to straight forward since I didn't want to upset or make her feel uncomfortable.

"I don't know what I am at the exact moment in time....." She sighed while folding her large red tipped ears down. "And I don't think you'd actually believe what I really am if I told you...." Her words left me with peeked curiosity.

What is she talking about? I mean what else could she be other than the strange little Pokémon she is at the moment. "I'm pretty sure I'd believe you." A gave her a warm smile in attempt to show her that I actually would trust her. I mean, she trusted me so why shouldn't I trust her?

"You see James-" she began while perking her ears back up. "I don't know how it happened but, I'm a human just like you.... But I don't remember anything about my human life other than turning into a Pokémon and a voice telling me that there was some kind of task for me to complete or something...." She let out another long sigh as she looked down. "You probably don't believe me... Do you?"

It was true, I was pretty shocked by this sudden information but.... I don't feel as if she's lying to me. True her story is pretty unbelievable and I just met her, but something tells me that her tale is true and to believe her. "I- I do believe you Mindi, honest." Shock filled each one of my words but I guess that's to be expected since there was a hurt Pokémon in my arms telling me that's she's a human.

Mindi looked up at me as a smile formed across her dark gray muzzel and as her eyes seemed to lite up with what appeared to be hope. "So that means you'll help me out right? You'll help me find out what's going on and help me become human again.. R- right?" She began to wag her long slender tail as she spoke in quick an upbeat tone.

Poor girl must be so confused as to what's happening- I mean I can only imagine how many questions are flooding her mind. I guess I have to help her out because who knows what will happen to something as tiny as her if I just let her stay out here alone in this world. I gave a small nod, "I'll help you out, Mindi... Don't worry."

Third person P.O.V

A jet black Arcanine with glowing white eyes and gray wisp of shadows flowing form his body slowly moved throughout the dark ally ways of the large city. He found a metal tin trashcan and quickly forced his body against it in an attempt to make it fall over resulting in the contents to spill out onto the concrete ground. He licked his lips and bent down to eat the garbage- well that was until he heard the sound of a low, threat filled growl.

He quickly looked towards the end of the alleyway since that was where the sound had came from only to see a Persian standing there with rage in it's eyes. "Neeeeeewwww...." It growled while getting into an attack position. It's ears folded back and it's tail began to swish from side to side. "New- newwww...."

"How cute of you...." A deep raspy voice sounded from the Arcanine even though his mouth never opened. His white eyes that lacked the sight of any from of pupils stared into the eyes of the Persian as he slowly began to walk towards the classy cat Pokémon. "Didn't your mother ever teach not to fight in battles you can't win?"

The Persian started at the beast that was nearing it determined not to back down. This was it's turf and it wasn't about to back down, not today. "Newwww....." It hissed out like a rage filled snake.

The arcinine let out a chuckle as he tilted his head to the side. "So the little kitty won't run? The little kitty thinks it can fight against me? How cuuuute." Darkness flooded his voice as he now stood right in front of the Persian.

"New- new....." It growled while getting ready to strike the Arcanine with his left paw, but the second it's paw came towards the Arcanine it found itself suspended a few feet in the air with these strange black tentacle like arms jammed throughout the sides of it's body. "NEEEEEEWWEEEE!" It hissed out in pain as drops of it's own crimson red blood began to drip out from areas that tentacles went through.

"I thought you said you could fight against me?" The Arcanine said just as calmly as he possibly could while holding the poor Persian in the air with the tentacles that had formed from his back. "Come on kitty- put up a fight."

The Persian began to struggle but that only made the pain in it's body worse. "NEEEEEWWWW!" It screamed out in pain over and over again.

"You should have ran when you had the chance kitty...." His voice was still calm as he slammed the Persian against the concrete that made up the alleyways' floor. He then retracted his tentacles back into his body as he listened to the dead silence of the night. "What's wrong kitty...? No fight left in you?"

The now bloody Persian laid there motionless on the groun. It's now cloudy eyes showed off a mixture of pain and fear, the last emotions it experienced as the Arcanine pressed his nose up against the lifeless Pokémon and took the from of a Persian with the same jet black body and solid white eyes it had while he was an arcinine. Another dark chuckle came from it's mouth as it looked at the lifeless Pokémon once more. "Don't mess with Kelix....." He then walks out of the ally way began his way down the street until h vanished among the shadows in his new form.
(Ch.2) Pokmon: a mission without memory
Please read chapter 1 first thedaughteroflink.deviantart.c…
Only two questions crossed Mindi's mind the day she woke up in a cage as some strange pokemon, those questions being about who she was and why she was there. The poor girl only knew what her name was and that she was a human before hand that's only because her last memory was of her being in some strange place and a voice calling her name and telling her that she would turn back to normal the second she finished some mission.

But that's not the end of it, you see whenever Mindi got out of her cage that's when she meets Jessie, James, ad Meowth and the three of them seem familiar to her even though as far as she knows she's never met them. I guess the poor girl just as a tone of questions without any answers, but maybe with a little help everything will become clear to her, or maybe failure awaits her.

But there's one thing that is clear, and that's the fact that Mindi will do whatever it to find out what's going on
Winter time by TheDaughterOfLink
Winter time
This started off as me trying out a new way of drawing James' hair and then it turned into this XD

Aparntly James stoll my legend of Zelda OC's scarf XD oh whale she won't mind (mostly because I don't draw her ;-;)
Please read the introduction first thedaughteroflink.deviantart.c…

James' P.O.V

The sunlight slipped in through the thick treetops above as me, Jessie, and Meowth walked along a path that I've never been down before. The path was covered with loose light gray cobble stone that I could hear shift in place with every step I took. "Jessie, where are we going exactly?" I asked out of pure curiosity. I mean she was leading us to our destination so who better to ask?

Jessie looked over at me with her dark blue eyes. "It leads towards a river and a cave." She then gave a slight smile as she crossed her arms. "I've heard rumors of rare gems washing up at the rivers end and more rare gems inside that cave. Maybe if we find something than we'll be able to cash them in for a great amount of mony." She seemed happy with her plan and I was as well since I honestly didn't feel like getting shocked halfway to death by that pickachu that we're always after again.

"Seems like a good plan to me Jess." I smield warmly as a I gave my response. Maybe there would be something there even though I know most of out plans to make money in any way always seem to result in failure. I guess the only thing I can do is hope that luck is one our side today.

Meowth looked up at us, "you two do know it's just a rumor right? Knowing out luck it'll be nothing here." He then gave out a long sigh after stating what had just crossed my own mind. Even Meowth knows that we probly won't come up lucky and he doesn't seem to have any amount of hope either.

"Come on Meowth don't be such a downer." I gave a slight chuckle as we reached a large clearing covered in sand. "Oh would you look at that we're here." I looked around the area for a few moments, letting the scenery sink in. Besides light yellow sand there where rocks, a small lake that sat in the center of a clearing with a long winding river connected to it, finally there was the cave which sat at the bottom of a what seemed to cliff.

"Alright you two get searching." Jessie commended while walking towards that cave, determination glinting in her eyes. Meowth said nothing, but instead gave a nod before he began to follow her.

I was about to say 'okay' whenever I caught a glimpse of something out the corner of my eye. I looked over at it and to my surprise I saw a heap of dark gray and crimson red fur huddled up on the ground near the bay of the lake near a few large rocks.

I took a few steps towards it, uncertainty about if this was truly the right thing for me to be doing began to set in the closer I got to it. I mean it didn't looks like anything I've ever seen before but I'm pretty sure it's some kind of Pokemon. But the question is, what kind of Pokemon?

It seemed to be a canine like creature of some sort but it had small little red dragon wings on it's back, a very long and slender tail with a tuff of red fur on top, and large pointed ears. 'What a weird looking creature....'

I slowly placed my hand on it's soaking wet pelt happy to find out that it was still warm and breathing. Now and what do I do with it? Do I wake it up or try and help it? "H- hey, wake up." I shook the creator as I spoke, hoping that it would wake up from it's slumber.

Mindi's P.O.V

My head was pounding like a drum as I laid there next to the rocks that stood along the lakes shore. Those two houdoom where hopefully gone for now since I didn't need them on my tail. I had to find out why I was turned into whatever I am right now. You see my dear reader, I was a human but I don't remember my human life- well other than being surrounded by this strange multi colored fog and someone saying, "Mindi you need complete a task for me." It was then, when I watched my own pale hand turn into a paw.

Yeah strange I know- I know, but it was after that when I woke up in a cage in the middle of the woods. I heard two people conversing about how they had never seen anything like me before. I didn't know what they where gonna do to me nor did I stick around that long enough to find out. Instead I pushed open the cage since the humans didn't lock it up and I climbed out. Easy right? Well no because than those two just had to get there houndooms after me and then they chased me until I leaped off that cliff into the icy cold water.

And that's the story of how I- Mindi- ended up here on the ground like this. A heap of soaking wet fur and soar paws.

I felt something touch my back but I couldn't force my eyes open in order to see what it was, or so I thought because I surly did the second I heard his all to familiar voice say "H- hey wake up." My head bolted up as I looked at a man wearing a white outfit with the letter R written on his chest in bright red. His green eyes, which seemed familiar to me, looked at me with a tad bit of shock at my sudden outburst. Why does this guy seem so familiar to me even though I have no idea who he is but it seems as if his name might being with the letter 'D'.

Whatever it doesn't matter, he could be a threat to me. I quickly folded my large ears back and showed of my sharp fangs. I just didn't care if he seemed familiar to me, for all I know it could just be my mind playing tricks on me. I forced myself onto my paws and growled, a low threat filled growl. "S- stay back." I spat as I locked eyes with the lavender haired man.

He slowly stood all the way up and took a shaky step back. "I- I'm not going to hurt you." He was frightened it was written all over his face.

I took a step back as well, pain stung in my left hind leg which forced me to close my eyes and let out a whimper of pain. I quickly forced my eyes back open and looked at the man whose face was no longer filled with fear instead it showed of sympathy. "You have a huge gash on your leg." He spoke ever so calmly.

"And!?" I barked out trying to reclaim my threatening presence but I knew that I no longer looked as if I was a threat and well the truth is I'm not. I'm just a small little dog thing with wings that can't even be used to fly because their so small. "I'll be fine..."

The man knelt down on the ground next to me and looked at my hurt leg. "Your in pain." He stated while taking off one of his gloves and tightly wrapping it around the gash on my hind leg leg, and well I just let him since I was already weak and my leg felt better without the air hitting my wound.

"Thanks....." I muttered while looking away. Was he going to do something to me and if so than what?

"No problem." He smield before he asked, "Do you have a name?"

My ears perked back up, he didn't seem as if he was going to hurt me or do something awful to me. I slowly nodded as I spoke almost silently, "My name is Mindi...."

"Well nice to meet you Mindi, my name is James." He spoke ever so cheerfully. Well it seems I was wrong about his name starting with a 'D'. Maybe my mind was just playing tricks on me after all.

"Thank you, James..." Was my response, though it came out kind of dull. I didn't mean for it to come out that way honest. Truth is my mind was pretty scattered with the thoughts of, 'where was I going to go from here?' Or thoughts such as 'what am I going to do now?'

James looked at me and tilted his head slightly. "Hey- uh do you have somewhere to go because if not you can come along with me." Did he know what I was thinking or something?

The offer was nice but should I really just be so trusting of him. Whatever, maybe this human could be of some use to me, well at least until my memory returns to me that is. With a quick nod of my head I said the simple worlds of "okay take me with you."
Pokmon: A mission without memory (Ch1)
Please read the introduction first thedaughteroflink.deviantart.c…

Only two questions crossed Mindi's mind the day she woke up in a cage as some strange pokemon, those questions being about who she was and why she was there. The poor girl only knew what her name was and that she was a human before hand that's only because her last memory was of her being in some strange place and a voice calling her name and telling her that she would turn back to normal the second she finished some mission.

But that's not the end of it, you see whenever Mindi got out of her cage that's when she meets Jessie, James, ad Meowth and the three of them seem familiar to her even though as far as she knows she's never met them. I guess the poor girl just as a tone of questions without any answers, but maybe with a little help everything will become clear to her, or maybe failure awaits her.

But there's one thing that is clear, and that's the fact that Mindi will do whatever it to find out what's going on
Jessie by TheDaughterOfLink
I hate how this came out...... Oh well... Hope y'all like it anyway XD
Mindi-Jameson of team Rocket by TheDaughterOfLink
Mindi-Jameson of team Rocket
So here's sixteen year old Mindi in a... TEAM ROCKET UNIFORM!?

Haha well let me explain my magikarp army- she's only doing it to get this thing called information. Now what information could she be after- well that's for a later post
Broken Doll by TheDaughterOfLink
Broken Doll
"I may be a doll but deep down I am broken"

Ah yes I got this idea form an RP, well one part of the RP

"Mindi played with strand of her long lavenderv hair, her eyes stared off into the distance as she thought about how Jackson would always blame her for their mother's death..... It was kind of her fault even though she couldn't of helped that she became ill and that Jessie left to get her medicine but never returned. A single tear escaped one of her large green eyes and slid down her pale cheek without her knowing, but then again she's cried so much whenever she was alone she stopped paying much attention to the tears. She only cried because of the guilt, the fact everyone seemed to hate her, and the fact that she'd never be normal thanks to her weak body."

Hahaha I'm evil okay? Oh whale Mindi-Jameson has a lot of issues that she tries to lock away even though sometimes her issues escape her because well- she's human. Nobody really knows what goes on in the fourteen years old's pretty little head and to be honest they never will. Well except for her father because I'm pretty sure he'd find out because of how well he knows her
The king Of Magikarps by TheDaughterOfLink
The king Of Magikarps
So my friend IRL wanted me to draw this XD so basically James AHS decide to become the king of Magikarps which had made Mindi a little bit- um what's the word? Agitated. Since as some of you may know Mindi is the queen of Magikarps and she doesn't want to rule over the Magikarps with someone else.

I also don't think she's to found of her father dressed up in an outfit like her's because well, its bad enough they look alike they don't need to be dressed alike

Anywho, the drawing says


Mindi: There can only be one ruler of Magikarps and I am their queen... Now go and be king of something else father dear...
Here's my face XD
embedded_item1474999545128 by TheDaughterOfLink


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Mindi Sarue
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Welcome to the show!

hello and welcome to my little page on this wonderful website I hope you enjoy the artwork I post and OCs I make.

my current main OC is my little lavender haired cinnamon roll Jameson Mindi (uh idk what James form Pokémon's last name nor do I know what Jessie's is so my fan child of them has no last name)

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