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Mindi's first school dance by TheDaughterOfLink
Mindi's first school dance
I actually drew Mindi's two friends Skyler (the daughter of Butch and Cassidy) and Mark (the son of Ash and Misty)

Anyway here's what it says

Mindi: Sorry I'm a little late

Mark and Skyler: MINDI!?

Mindi: It took a little longer to do my hair in a braid and then I had to put on makeup

*thinks to self* The way I said those things makes it seem like I did this my self haha no my dad did this to me....

Its just this is my first school dance and my dad wanted me to look nice.

Skyler: I didn't know Mindi could look so nice

Mark: I though she was gonna wear her usual outfit

Skyler: I thought the same thing

Mindi: Guys....
I won't be posting anything new until I get another colorless blender pencil which won't take to long so DW ^.^ but as far as this week goes I might not post anything until it gets here ;-;
I really want to draw some Pokémon fusions so please tell which pair of Pokémon you'd like to see fused together and I might just draw it XD
Pity Party by TheDaughterOfLink
Pity Party
Its my party and I'll cry if I want to, I'll cry until the candles burn down this place, I'll cry until my pity parties in flames.

Anyway so I was listing to a song called pity party and thought of my OC since, well she doesn't really celebrate her birthday since 1. She doesn't really have this friends... Well she has two friends and her Pokémon but still XD and 2. She has to share her birthday with her twin brother who hates her guts XD

So yeah on Mindi-Jameson's birthday she tends to keep to herself or she goes out into the forest near her home to be with her Pokémon friends
1. Mindi-Jameson loves chocolate, she doesn't really eat much sweets but if you give her a chocolate bar she'll probably eat it quickly like some kind of starving child or something and even while she's in her Pokémon form with no memory of who she actually is she still enjoys chocolate a little to much XD

2. Mindi-Jameson doesn't really celebrate her birthday instead she'd much rather let her twin brother Jackson do all the celebrating while she stays in her room most likely reading a book, modifying her laptop, playing video games, or some of the other actives she enjoys doing. In fact if you met Mindi she probably wouldn't tell you when her birthday was so the only way to actually find out about that is to ask someone she lives and they'd gladly tell you she was born on March 13h

3. Let's talk about her room XD it's a mess of computer parts, books, blankets, cloths, and probably more. I wouldn't recommend walking in there without shoes because your chances of stepping on something are pretty high since she tends to just throw everything in the floor a when she's done with it.

4. Mindi-Jameson carries around a black and white umbrella that matches her everyday outfit. She has to keep it with her when she goes outside for long periods of time due to her sensitive skin that can get sunburned very easily. Her sensitive skin is also the reason why she doesn't wear makeup or put lotion on because she'll most likely end up with a rash.

5. Mindi was saved by a legendary Pokémon when she six years old. She got caught outside in a blizzard after sneaking out and she almost froze to death outside in the storm when the legendary Suicune came to her rescue and brought her to his den to wait out the storm. Once the storm was over he brought her back home without her parents or brother knowing about him or what he did for her. After that Mindi would go visit Suicune just about everyday and they became very good friends after that.
I'm wondering about weather or not I should make an Alola version of my Pokémon OC Mindi-Jameson because I'm like addicted to Pokémon sun and moon ATM (personally I didn't think I was gonna like it as much as I do) XD

I also want to maybe write a short-ish fanfic about her moving from the kanto to the Alola region (like the character in the game you play as) and her doing the island challenge thing with Growlie her Growlithe.
Should I?
I'm wondering about weather or not I should make an Alola version of my Pokémon OC Mindi-Jameson because I'm like addicted to Pokémon sun and moon ATM (personally I didn't think I was gonna like it as much as I do) XD

I also want to maybe write a short-ish fanfic about her moving from the kanto to the Alola region (like the character in the game you play as) and her doing the island challenge thing with Growlie her Growlithe.
I got my learners permit today (eh boo) But as a reward for getting it meh dad got me both Pokémon sum and moon

I might play moon first
embedded_item1479504114480 by TheDaughterOfLink
If you wish to have a conversation with me add me on Kik I guess XD its _Mindi_the_lombax_
embedded_item1479425450123 by TheDaughterOfLink
May I help you? by TheDaughterOfLink
May I help you?
So here's hybrid Mindi looking over her shoulder probably because someone spoke to her or something like that XD

She's supposed to have wings but I forgot to draw them ;-; I also forgot to draw the bandages that go around her back and chest area but oh well XD
Tired of this body.... by TheDaughterOfLink
Tired of this body....
Another morning another paper listing a flaw of hers stuck onto the vanity mirror.

Soooo yeah I was listing to this song though I have no clue what's it called and decided to draw a picture of Mindi-Jameson waking up and looking into a mirror with notes she written of the words that her fellow peers have said about her. Words such as "worthless piece of trash" "pathetic screw up" and "weak and frail"

She's holding a pencil since she must have added another note listing yet another one her flaws to her collection.
An experiment by TheDaughterOfLink
An experiment
I was testing out an art style XD but anyway let me explain this drawing

Anyway so basically Mindi was taken by the leader of team rocket and used a subject for an experiment to awaken her Pokémon form. (Mindi can change into a Pokémon since she's what's known as one of Aceus' chosen and those Pokémon are some of the most powerful Pokémon in existence but there power is very limited and they can become weak easily)

Anyway since they boss found out that miss Mindi-Jameson here was one of the rare Arceus' chosen he knew he had to act fast if he wanted her as a weapon so he tricked Mindi's mother Jessie into luring to a place where Mindi could be captured. Once she was captured she was put through hours upon hours of painful testing until they halfway awoken her Pokémon form leaving her with only some traits of her Pokémon form sush as

* This halfway form has the same memories as Mindi when she's in her full Pokémon form meaning she doesn't know that her parents are Jessie and James even though she dose know who they are since she was taken to the past and worked along side them (more about that in my fanfic Pokémon a mission without memory)

* She can use her Pokémon moves such as her flamethrower, iron tail, shadow ball, and fire fang moves.

* she has her Pokémon ears, small wings, long slender tail, fangs, and claws but other than that she looks complety human
Mindi's P.O.V

I wandered around what seemed to be a wastland of black and gray, there where no trees, no grass, no clouds, no sun, no moon, no anything just blackness mixed with dark gray. I had no clue where I was or why I was there but there must be a reason right? I didn't have much time to ponder about why I was here because I wasn't alone, I could sense that someone or something was here with me lurking around in the darkness. I could hear the quite thumping off their heartbeat.

'Thump, thump, thump.' It pounded quietly almost like a drum that someone was barely tapping and it seemed to be constantly changing locations within the black and gray wasteland. I felt as if I was being hunted, as if I was nothing more than a confused target. I was only confused because I couldn't see anything, I don't care how many times I looked over in whatever direction the heartbeat came from I always nothing.... Just more black and gray

But it was still there thumping away, casing the dark gray fur along my back to rise up in fear. I was dreading evey single second that slowly passed by because I had no clue what was stalking me.

'Thump, thump, thump.'

Without warning something that assume was a long and slender tentacle shot out of the darkness and sliced the left side of my face resulting in me yelping out in pain. It stung and I could feel blood slide down a few strands of my cheek fur.

A pair of solid white eyes appeared within the blackness before me and locked onto my fear filled gaze has another one of its tentacles shot out towards me, this time aiming right for my forehead. There was nothing I could do other than call out for help, and trust me that's exactly what I did.

"JAMES!" I cried out his name like a scared child would for their parent. "JAMES HELP ME!" I cried out again as my body began to shake violently.

"Mindi wake up! Are you okay" I heard James' voice ask as I continued to shake. It took me a few moments to actually open my eyes and realize that it was James whom was shaking me and that I had been asleep.

"W- where-" I asked while sitting up, I was now on the ground and my face still stung. I was just dreaming right? But if it was just a dream than why was I injured?

"Mindi are you okay, y- your bleeding...." He stated while looking at me with his sleepy yet concerned filled green eyes. I had woke him up... Great....

"Y- yeah I'm fine..." I muttered as the emotion known as embarrassment began to surge thorough my tiny body. I bet if I was human right now my face would be just as red as my eyes because I hatted that I had woken him up because of some bad dream that I had.

James gently rubbed my head as smiled at me, "Well I'm glad your okay Mindi and I think the cut on your face is going to heal up soon since it doesn't seem to be deep." His voice was just so warm and kind much like him in general. I consider myself pretty lucky to have a friend like him.

As he continued to rub my head I felt my large ears fold back a tad and as if some strange instinct took over I began to softly purr as he continued to rub my head. It felt nice to be petted and it calmed my nerves a tad since I was still pretty badly shaken up from my dream. I closed my eyes just enjoying the moment.

"Your not as scary as I thought you were back when we first met." James chuckled while sitting down and leaning against the tree I was once perched in. I was a little sad that he stopped rubbing my head when he sat down but oh well at least he was still out here with me because I really didn't want to be alone.

I looked at the lavender haired man and smiled. "What makes you think I'm not scary?" I asked jokingly knowing that I was really nothing more than a harmless pet. I mean I don't even think I can use any Pokémon moves and I'm just to tiny to do any real damage anyway.

"You just purred like a cat." He chuckled again. "I don't consider a tiny little canine that purrs scary."

"Oh yeah? Well you seemed pretty startled back when we met." I chuckled back while going and sitting in his lap as if I was some kind of lap dog or something. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I guess I'm not a big and bad Pokémon but whatever, it feels nice to have friends.

"Yeah but that was before I got to know you." James then smiled has began to rub my head again.

"I guess I have a bit of a kind heart." I yawned while closing my eyes. Those where the last words I said before I thankfully drifted off into a dreamless sleep. Hopefully I wouldn't have any more nightmares...

All I can do is hope right? Maybe that dream is part of the mission I have to complete in order to become human again... Only time will tell right?
(ch 4) Pokemon a mission without memory
Oh, why hello there I see you found this tale of a little black and red canine Pokémon with tiny red wings and a long slender tail whom is on a quest for me so she can return to a human. Who am I you ask? Well that's something I can't tell you right now but you'll find out soon so don't worry about it, let's just talk about the little canine whom is the star of this show.

Well her name is Mindi and like I said she was a human but she has no memory since we decided it would be best that we take them away from her while she's on this mission. I was supposed to stay by her side during the course of her job however that didn't happen since there where some bad humans in the area that found and caged her. She got away though and now I believe she's with Jessie, James Meowth.

It's scary because those three may bring back her memory an- Oh whatever, I guess it'll be fine as long as Mindi stops Kelix before he returns to his true from because if he dose that then we're all screwed.
Mindi's p.o.v

I was resting upon a large branch of an oran berry tree watching the sun slowly vanish behind the horizon of other tall trees leaving the sky in many shades of orange and pink. It's been about three weeks since James took me in and trust me when I say I'm so very thankful for all the help he's given me so far. First of all he kept his word and once we reached where him and his two friends had set up camp, he used this strange smelling medicine rub on the gash that was on my leg and that seemed to fix it up almost instantly. The wound if fully healed up now which is great because I can move around again.

I've enjoyed the time I've spent here with James, Jessie and Meowth- wait I'm getting ahead of myself since I never told you who Jessie and Meowth are, well Jessie is a feisty red haired woman with deep blue eyes and she wears a more revealing version of the outfit James wears and Meowth is well, a talking meowth with a very smart mouth might I add. However there's something I should say about these two.... Remember how I said that James seemed familiar to me? Well I got that same felling with these two as well though not as Strong. I'm starting to believe that somehow my human life connects with those three but I'm not sure how since I still don't have any of memories back.

I let out a long sigh as I folded my large ears down, questions plagued my mind with the main one being 'who am I exactly and why am I here?' I mean I know that there's some mission I'm supposed to complete but I don't know who wants me to do it or what it even is that I'm supposed to do and something has been telling me that doing whatever that mission is will help me return to a human. I shook shook my head hoping that it would make all the thoughts I was having leave, spoiler alert it didn't help a thing....

I leaped off the brach I was laying on and I landed gracefully upon my four tiny paws. It was getting dark so I needed to hurry back to camp before Jessie and James began to worry about me, wait why do I care if their worried about me if I stay out all night it's not like their my parents- well at least as far as I know since I still have not freaking idea who I really am.

I slowly made my way through the tall grass and thick bushes of the forest carful not disturb any sleeping Pokémon until I reached the clearing where the small beige colored tent was set up and a small fire was going. Meowth and James where sitting by the fire but Jessie was no where to be seen so my guess was that she had already turned in for the night. "Sorry I was out for so long." I spoke in an upbeat tone as I joined the two by the fire.

"Where ya thinking about your human life?" Meowth asked in his scratchy sounding voice.

Oh yeah James did tell Jessie and Meowth that I was a human how could I forget to tell you that detail. "Yeah I was but I still couldn't remember anything..." I sighed.

James looked at me with a look of sympathy before asking, "do you have any idea about how you might could return to your human form again?"

I froze at the question not sure if I should tell them the truth or not. I mean I guess it would be fine since whoever did this to me didn't tell me to keep quite about it. "W- well yes there may be a way...." I began in a quite voice. "And that is to complete some mission for someone and that's all I know."

"So ya don't who its for or what it is dat your supposed to be doing?" Asked Meowth.

"Not a clue." I spoke before letting out a loud yawn. "I think I might hit the hay... See ya in the the morning" a smile formed across my muzzel.

"Night Mindi." The two said cheerfully as I climbed up a nearby tree and rested upon one of the branches. I slowly shut my red eyes, maybe tomorrow things will become more clear to me.

Third person P.O.V

"Today another Pokémon was found dead with same wounds as the Persian that was found a few weeks back." A girl with long straight black hair and dark purple eyes watched the newscaster speak on the TV as she took a sip of hot tea. "This is the fourth reported case of-" The girl cut the TV off before the newscaster could finish the report she then stood up form the dark brown chair she sat in.

She began to play with the black chocker with a bright electric yellow orb on it that she wore around her pale neck. "Something tells me that whatever is killing the Pokémon off is linked with that fact there is another one of my kind in this time period....." She then walked over to her apartment window and slid it open. "Another one of Arceus' chosen is somewhere and I need to find him or her...."

The girl gripped onto the yellow orb of the choker tightly and a bright blinding white light surrounded her body, once the light faded a creature that looked exactly like Mindi but with white fur where Mindi's would have been dark gray and electric yellow where Mindi's would have been red. The girl was also a lot larger than Mindi and her wings where actually large enough to to carry her body if she flew with them.

The girl leaped onto her window seal and than out into the world, she spread her large wings out and began to flap them with great power. "I'll just have to find the one like me and make him or her return to the time period he or she belongs in...." Anger flooded the girls voice as he began her hunt.
(ch 3) pokemon: a mission without memory
(pleas read previous chapters)

Oh, why hello there I see you found this tale of a little black and red canine Pokémon with tiny red wings and a long slender tail whom is on a quest for me so she can return to a human. Who am I you ask? Well that's something I can't tell you right now but you'll find out soon so don't worry about it, let's just talk about the little canine whom is the star of this show.

Well her name is Mindi and like I said she was a human but she has no memory since we decided it would be best that we take them away from her while she's on this mission. I was supposed to stay by her side during the course of her job however that didn't happen since there where some bad humans in the area that found and caged her. She got away though and now I believe she's with Jessie, James Meowth.

It's scary because those three may bring back her memory an- Oh whatever, I guess it'll be fine as long as Mindi stops Kelix before he returns to his true from because if he dose that then we're all screwed.
Child Mindi by TheDaughterOfLink
Child Mindi
welp here's Mindi-Jameson dressed up as meowth because- um.... She was a special child...

Mindi: How rude ;-; also stop drawing me and meh father.....

Me: *hugs Mindi* They already know your a daddy's girl so there's no need to try and hide form that little fact now is there?

Mindi: *being squished* ;-;
Bord notebook drawing by TheDaughterOfLink
Bord notebook drawing
Sooooo this is what happens when I get board in history class XD I actually just wanted to write a short fanfic about my twin characters in my notebook but couldn't think of anything to write so o doodled Jessie and well the next thing I know have this XD

Anyway here's what it says

James: I'm going to have a daughter!!! My wish came true

Jessie don't forget we're having a son as well James

Meowth: I've never seem James so happy.....

So yeah, I think its safe to say James was already picking favorites before his two kids where even born XD

Idk anymore tbh XD I'll have something worth while to post soon
A young girl no older than eight years sat on the front steps of her home. Her big green eyes watched as the sun began to set off in the distance but as soon as the sun set her face flooded with confusion and worry. 'Where is he?' She asked herself while running her fingers through a strand of her long slightly messy lavender hair.

"Mindi, Mom said its getting dark and you need to come inside." An eight year boy with deep blue eyes and scruffy reddish pink hair said while stepping out of the house.

Mindi looked back at him with her still confused gaze. "Why isn't dad home yet?" She asked while slowly standing up, careful not to lose her balance since she did suffer from a balance disorder. "He should have been home by now...." Her tone was filled with the same worry an confusion that showed upon her face.

The boy gave a slight shrug of his shoulders. "Mom said he wouldn't be home tonight and that's all I know." He then walked back inside the house leaving the eight year old girl alone on the front the steps.

Mindi tried to shake the feeling of dread away but it was no use. Something was clearly wrong, her father was always home at this time. She waited a few more moments before following her brother into the house. She was greeted by even more dread since she could feel it in the air around her.

She slowly made her way to the family's kitchen where she saw her mother, a woman known as Jessie that looked a lot like the boy, sitting at the kitchen table. To Mindi it seemed like the closer she got to her mother the worse that feeling of dread and sorrow felt. "Mom, why isn't dad home yet?" She asked in a quite and shy sounding tone.

Jessie looked over at the girl, her blue eyes showed of an emotion she's never seen I'm her mother's gaze before and it seemed to become worse the second their eyes met, that emotion was saddness. Mindi patiently waited for her mother to answer her question even though she was slowly beginning to dread the answer. "Your father is very, very sick sweet heart....." Jessie spoke trying to sound clam, trying not to worry the young girl that looked just like her ill father even though it was hard. "He's in the hospital at the moment and probably won't be home for awhile, okay?" She asked asked.

Mindi contained to look at her mother, keeping her confused gaze since she didn't understand how sick he was. "He will be gone for a long time?" The young child asked already missing her father even though she has just seen him this morning.

Jessie didn't want to tell the girl that there was a chance her father could pass away because she knew just how heart broken she'd be because of how close she was to her father. "W- well I don't know." She stammered fighting to keep her clam even thought it was hard considering the fact she loved her husband deeply and her daughter looked exactly like him.

"Oh, okay...." Mindi trailed off while looking at the tiled kitchen floor.

"Look it's getting late why don't go to bed and we'll go visit him tomorrow." Jessie gave a fake smile as she looked away from the young girl.

"Okay." Mindi said in a more cheerful tone. She was happy that she'd be able him even though he was away. Jessie watched as she left for her room and the second she was gone she allowed the few tears that where trying to escape free.

Once Mindi reached her room she got changed into pajamas and crawled underneath a fuzzy light blue blanket that belonged to her father even though she used it a lot. She let out a small yawn while closing her big green eyes. She couldn't wait to see her father tomorrow because of how much she had already missed him.

Whenever it was the next morning she went down to the kitchen and ate breakfast with her twin brother and mother before the three of them headed out to the hospital to see her sick father. The car ride was long and silent since nobody spoke a word the whole trip. Whenever the family finally reached the hospital Mindi was amazed at how big the place was, she wondered how many people where in the large building.

Once inside, Mindi stayed close to her mother as she looked around at all the people in the waiting room. To Mindi they seemed huge since she was kind of short for her age and most of the people in their where adults. One if the staff member led the family to the room where Mindi's father was at.

Once they where inside Mindi was surprised at how dead her father looked. Mindi's father a man named James and he usually he seemed so full of life but bow he laid in the hospital bed hooked up to strange machines and his skin was somehow even paler than Mindi's. James didn't even know the three where there since he was unconscious and that's the way he remained for many months.

The months where long and his condition only continued to get worse and worse. Though the family kept visiting him every day, they we're just waiting for them announce that he passed well all expect Mindi. She was the only one that still had some shred of hope that by some miracle he'd wake up.

Mindi stood by her father's bed looking at him with her sad green eyes. She was there by herself since Jessie had taken her brother to the hospital cafeteria because he wouldn't stop complaining about being hungry, Mindi chose to stay because even thought she still had hope in her heart she knew it could be possible for her father to pass away at any moment. The more she thought about that the more the pain built up and soon it was to much for her to handle.

Mindi fell down onto her knees as she finally let the tears free. She rested her head on the side of her father's hospital bed as she continue to cry harder and harder. Her hope of him was begging to fade just like mother's and her brother's.

She flinched whenever she felt someone take hold of her small shoulder followed by sound of a weak voice asking, "Why are you crying kiddo?"

Mindi's green eyes looked at her fathe whom was looking back at her. "D-dad!?" She said in shock as she just stared at him.

Her father weakly sat up in the hospital bed, "how long have been out?" He asked in the same weak tone while taking a glance around the hospital room.

Mindi didn't reply to his question, instead she just wrapped her arms around him and continued to cry, only this time she wasn't crying because she was sad but because of how relieved she was that her father was awake and alive.
Pokmon: A young girl's hope
*sighes because I suck at writing descriptions* Okay so this was based off dream I had last night (I have depressing dreams) anyway do this is a short little story where James very sick and- well I don't really know how to describe it other than that

Well except it takes place in an AU where Jessie never died or Mindi ending up with her illness..... Anyway enjoy my short story or don't, I just kind of wrote it to write it you know?
Full name: Alexander Oak

Nickname: Alex

Gender: Male

Eyes color: brown

Hair color: deep red that's almost brown

Clothing: White T-shirt with red stripes on the sleeves and a pokeball design on the front, dark blue jeans, white shoes

Age: 13

Family: Jackson (father) Teresa Oak (mother) Mindi-Jameson (aunt) James (grandfather) Jessie (Grandmother)

Pokémon team: a young and playful riolu

Personality: Alex is really adventurous and outgoing but he's also really curious about the world around him.

Likes: Learning new things, school, when his aunt actual pays some attention to him, Pokémon, and seeing new places.

Dislikes: Bad people, seeing a Pokémon get hurt, being ignored, seeing others sad

Story:  Alex has always had a tone of interest in the things his aunt Mindi-Jameson dose. It was just something about her slightly quirky personality and her kindness towards others that made him want to be around her even though she didn't really want him around. Mindi would allow him to come with her when she went to do nearby research for the lab if he begged her enough.

However after James passed away due to an illnesses Alex noticed a change in his aunt, her personality changed from being quirky and kind to something more cold and mean. If he dared asked to come with her she'd simply yell at him to leave her alone. Alex was worried about his aunt since after that she shut herself off from the world.

One day Alex's father Jackson asked Alex to head out to Mindi's house since nobody's heard much from her for a few weeks. When he gets there however she nor her Pokémon are there instead there's just a note on the front door saying "Won't be back for about a month or so, heading out to the Ferrum region to do some research." After that Alex heads out to the docks over in the next town and sees Mindi get onto one of the boats and he follows her.

Mindi wasn't to pleased that the boy followed her and when she was telling him he needed to get off the boat and go home the boat set sail off to the faraway region and now she was stuck babysitting a kid for entire course of he month long trip.
A girl and her dog by TheDaughterOfLink
A girl and her dog
So here's Mindi-Jameson when she's about 48 or 49 with a Growlie whom is now fully evolved.

Anyway I guess I should give some facts about these two XD

1. Growlie evolves after James passes away since back when James first gave Growlie he asked the little puppy Pokémon to watch over her when he wasn't able to. Growlie wanted to evolve to better protect her even though she was 48 at the time.

2. Mindi has a nephew named Alexander whom is always trying to get her attention. He's very interested in everything she dose like working computers and the way she takes care of her Pokémon but the thing is Mindi-Jameson here won't give him the time of day. She ignores him and tries to distant herself from him but later on in life she accepts him an allows him to spend time with her.

3. Mindi isn't the same sweet caring girl she once was and this is because she became cold hearted after her father's death. She still cares deeply for her Pokémon and their about the only things she shows affection towards but other than that she could care less. She prefers to stay by herself and work alone
Anyway guys excuse my language for the next little bit (yeah I know I don't normally curse but oh well I don't care rn)

Anyway as the tittle says, I'm so fucking pissed off with my dad and I have been over the past few days because he's such a fucking bitch......

Now why is a he a bitch you may ask.

1. So he expected to fully grasp everything for my learners permit in like two days and when I failed the test he yelled at me and took most of my stuff away. He said it makes no sense that I failed (though I almost passed ;-;)

I told him I wasn't ready god.... ;-; k

2. He tells me things like I'm never going to get anywhere in life and that no art school is going to want me and all that lovely stuff. He's so motivational isn't he? (Note the sarcasm there) I mean god dame he puts everything I do down and calls me lazy all the time just because I don't do things exactly the way he wants them done ;-; if I clean its never good enough for him and he'll say something like "just go on somewhere before you mess everything up" and then he gets mad when I don't want to help him clean ;-;

3. Okay so here's the actual reason why I'm doing this rant\vent thing. I just asked him a question and he told me to shut up because my voice annoys him ;-; yeah..... Apearently I have a fucking annoying voice- thanks for telling me that because I can just magically change the way my voice sounds ;-;"

There's nothing else that I really have to say about him other than the fact he got pissed off at me when I had an anxiety attack in the school..... Yeah I feel so fucking loved you know?

The thing of it is, my whole family is like this, both sides of my family treat me awfully mainly because my parents divorced and my moms side doesn't like my dads side and vice versa.....

I honestly can't wait till I finish school and leave my town behind along with my family..... Luckily I don't have that much longer, only two more years after this school year ^.^ and then I can finally be free ;-;

Yeah anyway this was just a vent type thing since sometimes it helps to just type about my problems since I don't have anyone to talk about them with (I have like no friends IRL atm) so yeah that about it.... I guess have a nice day is the last thing I can say to whomever is reading this XD
I really want to draw some Pokémon fusions so please tell which pair of Pokémon you'd like to see fused together and I might just draw it XD


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Mindi Sarue
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Welcome to the show!

hello and welcome to my little page on this wonderful website I hope you enjoy the artwork I post and OCs I make.

my current main OC is my little lavender haired cinnamon roll Mindi-Jameson (uh idk what James form Pokémon's last name nor do I know what Jessie's is so my fan child of them has no last name)

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AadiKandasamy Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Thank for watching. ^^
FallenAngelJessieX Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016   Digital Artist
Did you do my picture yet? 
TheDaughterOfLink Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
I'm going to start on it today since I finally have some free time ^.^" sorry for being late I've been studying really hard for a test I had to take not long ago
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